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Here you may find software we have developed and maintained in our group.


 Follow the links to read more about each software.


DNA Sequence analysis
SoftwareBrief Description
CHISPAs Checking for Incorrect Sequence-Phenotype Assignments


Protein analysis
SoftwareBrief Description
JAMMING Prediction of critical residues for protein function based only on the 3D structure of proteins
RCC API API for representing protein 3D structure on a 26 dimensional vector derived from Residue Cluster Classes
Dependence Receptors Prediction of Dependence Receptors based on a sequence signature
Prediction of multifunctional proteins This site contains data and codes aimed to predict compatible functions of proteins based on sequence attributes. This data is described in our work How to predict polypeptide sequences with multiple functions using machine learning?
3D Analysis of transmembrane vs Globular Proteins Codes for the analysis of the 3D structure of transmembrane and globular proteins reported in:Structural Basis for the Increased Tolerance to Mutations of Transmembrane Proteins

Peptide Design

SoftwareBrief Description
DCF Machine learning method optimised to design multifunctional peptides.


SoftwareBrief Description
REMGNetworks A website containing supplementary information on our work to reconstruct Rich on Essential Metabolic Genetic Networks
CPP-AMP Modeling This site contains data and models in COPASI and SBML to test for the relevance of the penetrating activity for the killing observed in AMPs.


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