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This page describes the software named CHISPAs (Checking for Incorrect Sequence-Phenotype Assignments), a software useful for identifying incorrect sequence-phenotype assignments. Thus, CHISPAs may be useful to do a quality control test on assignments of DNA sequences to phenotypes.

CHISPAs is distributed free of charge to any user interested in verifying the quality of their sequence-phenotype assignments. From this page, you may:

  1. Proceed to download CHISPAs
  2. Proceed to read a detailed explanation on how to use CHISPAs
  3. Proceed to download the next generation sequence raw data used in this work
  4. Proceed to download data and software reported in our work entitled "Discerning a structural pattern in transmembrane proteins by mapping the structure-function space of a transmembrane domain in a bitopic protein"


If you want to cite this work, please use the following reference:


Lara Ortiz MT, Leon Rosario PB, Luna-Nevarez P, Savin Gamez A, Martinez-del Campo A, Del Rio G (2015) Quality Control Test for Sequence-Phenotype Assignments. PLoS ONE


Please contact for any questions regarding this software.

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